Passion for Jewels with Soul

They do exist – those enchanted places on Earth that are of global importance for mankind not only on account of their exceptional beauty but also because they are unique, authentic and unadulterated and are therefore listed as World Heritage Sites.

ESVARA VIVA pays homage to the most wonderful places on Earth.

Whether they were created by nature or by mankind these exceptional treasures of our planet made a lasting impression on me even as a young child.
Thanks to the professional activities of my parents and their love of adventure I was fortunate enough to have been born in the Philippines. The many years we spent in far-off countries and our interest in foreign cultures provided me with a wealth of opportunities to see and explore a good deal, even when I was young.

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I was particularly fascinated by the magic places and sacred sites where I discovered a common language of symbols which can be found in architecture, art and in particular in jewellery across all continents.
Unlike an ornament, a symbol is a visual object used as a metaphor for a deeper, greater truth. By understanding the meaning conveyed by specific symbols we become aware of the two-fold nature of our existence. In search of the source and the essence of these symbols, I have experienced a fascinating journey across all eras and cultures.

For many years I collected amulets, masks and rare jewellery from all over the world as a reminder of the sensuousness of the different cultures and the power of their symbols. With these souvenirs I produced necklaces and bracelets that I then gave to my friends as lucky pendants. Little treasures that leave plenty of scope for everything that is magical, mystical and fascinating from different origins and religious orientations.

When I compiled the pictures of my memories, my photo album of bygone days resembled a UNESCO coffee-table book.

Ever since 1972 the cultural diversity of our planet has been governed by the UNESCO as the world’s heritage. The organisation “for the protection of the world’s cultural and natural heritage” aims to encourage the world community to feel indebted to the outstanding treasures of mankind and to identify, protect and preserve cultural and natural heritage sites all over the world.

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A fortunate coincidence brought me and my family to Pforzheim, the gateway to the Black Forest and the “Golden City”, the birthplace of the German jewellery industry, where for many decades, the art of Haute Joaillerie has been taught and exquisite precious objects for exclusive demands are elaborately crafted by hand to fulfil orders from renowned world brands.

The time had come for ESVARA VIVA to be born.

My resolution to turn my passion for aesthetics and the precious magic of bygone times into concrete form and to add a sensuous attribute to the meaning of “adornment” had finally matured.

This is the soul of ESVARA VIVA

In the jewellery pieces of ESVARA VIVA the soul of those ancient sites is given the opportunity to develop and find new expression. They bear the names of the places to which we pay homage.

Each icon, inspired by the symbols and their unique historiography, is a tribute to those sites which, together with their cultural heritage, must not fall into oblivion. Each jewellery item, consecrated with love, is meant to bestow salutory energy upon the person wearing it and relay a waft of the soul and the magic of these places.

Each individual precious item from the collection has been crafted with the utmost precision of master craftsmanship. The gold and the high-grade diamonds originate from fair-trade mines. The gorgeous hand-selected gemstones from Burma, South Africa, Australia and India are hand-polished in Ida Oberstein with extraordinary skill and set to make up a harmonic ensemble. Once in a while nature presents us with particularly unusual natural pearls. In addition to the hand-sorted South Sea pearls the world’s most valuable pearls, such as quahog, melo and even conch pearls are also used in the ESVARA jewellery creations.

Symbols Symbols Symbols Symbols Symbols

With their enchanting designs and eclectic elegance the artistically and expertly combined jewellery items beguile the senses even as stand-alone icons.
For the “big day”, however, opulence knows no bounds. The individual pieces can be creatively and boldly combined with one another with their versatile connection combinations. This offers undreamt-of opportunities for creating unique compositions: your very own personal, luxurious and sensuous ensemble.

Every jewel has its own story to tell, every symbol and even the finest of details has a deeper meaning of its own. Traditional and ceremonial elements of ancient civilizations gracefully merge with the demands of contemporary aesthetics and poised elegance.

Esther Stella Scherer